Vitamin Deficiency and Hair Loss

Vitamin Deficiency and Hair Loss

Can a vitamin deficiency cause hair loss?

vitamin-deficiency-and-hair-loss-img1We all want to look great and therefore we make sure that we eat well to stay healthy. People today are getting more health conscious and therefore they prefer going to gym and health clubs.

However, hair is an important part of our body because it can change our overall appearance to a great extent. We are all aware that hairstyles can give a person a whole new personality, much better than an outfit can.

However, if you suffer from hair problems like hair thinning and hair loss, then looking at your diet and making sure you are getting the correct amount of vitamins may be the first place to start.

Vitamin deficiency and hair loss

An average man loses 100 hairs per day, but because of the constant growth of hair on his body this fact is never revealed nor do we ever realize this. However, realization begins to set in when those 100 hairs are not replaced by the new 100 hairs.

This is exactly what hair loss is all about. Our body constantly grows new hair when the old hair grows weak and falls, but there are some vitamin deficiencies that can stop the hair growth and problems like hair loss begins to surface.

Both men and women suffer from hair loss problems. This can be because of various reasons including male pattern baldness, pollution, excess exposure to sunlight and very stressful lifestyles.

However, vitamin deficiency can be one of the main reasons behind it. People who suffer from hair loss problems can sometimes find this also leads to depression, as they lose their self confidence and self esteem.

What vitamins are essential for healthy hair?

vitamin-deficiency-and-hair-loss-img2A good place to start when dealing with hair loss is to make sure you are getting the right amount of vitamins, in particular vitamin B12, Vitamin E and Vitamin B7. These are the three most important vitamins that help in strengthening the hair cuticles.

These vitamins are also important for the metabolism process that happens inside our body. Hence, you should eat vitamin rich foods like fish, meat, soybeans, wholegrain cereals, liver, egg yolk, milk, green vegetables and nuts.

Eating a variety of fresh foods will ensure your body gets the essential vitamins it needs for a healthy scalp, and a healthy environment to promote new hair growth.