Do Laser Combs work?

Laser Combs Do They Work?

Do Laser Combs Work?

do-laser-combs-work?-img1Hair loss can be a very frustrating thing to deal with. While many people assume that hair loss just affects aging men, it can actually affect men and women of any age for a variety of reasons.

While there have been topical shampoos and pastes for many years, it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that scientists really started looking at the possibilities of a home-based laser hair loss treatment option.

What Are Laser Combs?

Once scientists and medical product professionals realised that a laser treatment for hair loss at home was feasible, there was quite a bit of research done regarding how best to deploy the treatment. The most common form chosen was the comb, as it allowed users to run the device through their hair for direct contact with the scalp.

One of the first companies to develop an affordable home based laser comb treatment was Lexington International, launching the HairMax laser comb in 2001. Other companies such as Leimo and Verseo followed soon afterwards.

How Do Laser Combs Work?

Laser combs work in two key ways to reduce hair loss. First of all, they strengthen existing hair so that it stays in longer and has a healthier look. Secondly, laser combs help revitalize the roots of hair so that even those that have not been producing hair can begin working to their full potential again.

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How Effective Are Laser Combs?

While laser combs and laser hair growth treatment are not viable options for everyone, studies have shown them to be fairly effective methods of treatment. One recent study showed that approximately 90% of users will see impressive results from laser comb treatments. Studies have shown laser therapy to be effective as long as the laser doses are in low levels – which is the case in most laser combs.

Are Laser Combs Safe?

Because the level and power of the laser in the home based unit is limited, all use of laser combs is generally considered safe. Most users experience no side effects whatsoever.

do-laser-combs-work?-img2What is the Best Laser Comb Available?

While there are many options on the internet and in stores, the best model appears to be the HairMax Laser Comb produced by Lexington International.

This laser comb is highly effective due to the fact that it applies nine or twelve different beams (depending on which model you order) to the scalp at once, while effectively parting the hair during application.

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